Joyetech evaporator new treatment

In this article we explain how to prepare an aging evaporator based on the ECAB, so that it works like new again. Since it has always been by the same evaporator at Joyetech in the latest generation of products, this manual is also applicable for Eroll and eGo C:

After some time of use of each evaporator decreases. This is mainly because that settle on the heating coil in the evaporator debris that degrades performance.

The easiest way of reprocessing is the boil in the evaporator. This is never a problem and may be sufficient.

The deposits are too stubborn so you can follow the following instructions to the evaporator again perfect as new to process.

In the end, the mandrel must be removed at the evaporator. The Joyetech evaporators the spike plate is ( this is the part where the little wick sitting inside ) inserted. One can here either use a small pliers and pull the pin or better with a small object, try the spike plate pry.

Here, take care of the wick – it’s possible that this is already firmly embedded in the deposits and if you do not want to renew the wick, you have to work on it carefully.

If the spike plate can be seen at first in most cases a thick black crust on the heating coil. What follows is either a cleansing with water or directly the open burning – the Dry Burn as it is also called.

This works quite well with the ECAB or any other device with manual release. The Eroll is as an automatic system of complicated so we will also not discuss it in detail.

For burning, we set the Vrdampfer without spike plate into the ECAB and screw the evaporator sleeve. Now you can bring the evaporator to glow by pressing the button. The only for a few seconds, otherwise the filament burns out.

You notice here is that the evaporator smokes – these are the deposits that burn. After repeated repeating smoking stops and you can see the glow evaporator beautiful.

In order for the free burning is already completed. The evaporator now beat or shake well, for example in a small water bottle so that the deposits are also good extraction.

The spike plate can be replaced. If you want to use at this point a new wick, but we’ll leave that to the professionals.

When the evaporator is wet, it takes a little time to fulfill Liquid. The steam from the water is not visible, tasteless, but feels warm. After a short time then Liquid should appear and when you have done everything correctly and the treatment was successful ( does not always work and not infinitely often ) then have you back full steam enjoyment.

Often can be so amazingly long life span in the evaporators achieve, although an evaporator is not expensive, the reprocessing of all those offers who prefer to reuse and do not mind spending a bit of time.

Eroll is hot while smoking

The Eroll is currently the smallest in the Joyetech family and due to this fact there is no distance from the evaporator to Verdapmferh├╝lse.

So if the evaporator heats properly, then the sleeve is very fast and very hot. The larger models have a Luftpulster around the evaporator, the heat that keeps something in the Eroll is due to its size.

Unfortunately what Eroll prevents is that you can keep them like an ordinary cigarette. But this is not necessarily an error in the design, because the Eroll has your centre of gravity further forward ( through the battery, which is heavier ) and thereby keeping them more comfortable in front of a piece of the evaporator unit.

Every now and then we even had customers who were worried, lanes Direction heat and feared it would break something. We can stay calm and say – hot is a good sign, because then the evaporation of the small evaporator is still neat.

In very warm temperatures and non-stop use it may cause heat to build up, which means that the liquid can flow back. Then little steam coming out of the Eroll. In this case you need to wait shortly. Here you can leave directly in Case recharge some energy.

Here in Gran Canaria we have gone through the hot summer days, no problems has been found, if you continue to use the hot Eroll ( little steam ) or just very hot plugged back into the case. Shaking should only wild they are not, because when the Liquid it`s very warm, it`s less smoother.


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